About Us

Our company was started in 2010.  Owner and Founder Timothy Craig created a program where a consultative approach was foundational to helping consumers clean up their credit profiles and improve their credit scores.

We realized that so much of attaining and maintaining a great credit score is dependent upon the financial actions and behaviors of the consumer themselves.  For that reason it was important to incorporate expert credit counseling as well as training into our successful program.

Our A.C.T. system was designed to bring together not only our superior effectiveness at disputing and removing negative items from the credit report, but also counseling, coaching and training to strongly impact and effect the behavior of consumers and how they approach and manage their finances and credit.

The value proposition that we offer at Max Score Credit far exceeds other credit repair programs in our view. That is because:

  1. When we dispute negative items we do so by correspondence only. Even though this method is much more costly then disputing online, which is what most other companies do, it is far more effective and faster at removing negative items from the credit report.
  2. Our goal is to positively impact all five categories of the FICO Scoring Model. This means we have to do much more than just reduce the number of negative items on the credit report, which only impact 35% of the credit score.  We also have to help add and/or manage open accounts.  This requires direct conversation and consultation with every client, and training to impact current and future actions and behaviors.
  3. Our clients meet with a credit advisor, who is an expert in credit reports and credit scoring. These meetings happen every month or round (a round is a 35 to 40 day period), for 30 to 60 minutes of one-one-one consultation.  It is during these consultations that we discuss objectives and expectations; we perform a forensic review of the credit report identifying strengths and weaknesses; we implement credit restoration strategies to help add open accounts to the credit profile, if necessary; and we give advice and “coaching” on the correct management of open accounts to positively impact the FICO Scoring Model.
  4. Training is a major part of our program, and our credit advisors are most excited about this aspect of the program because our clients are so demonstrably happy to learn critical information that allows them to “take control” of their credit, and learn important information that helps them understand how their actions impact credit score success and failure. Our goal is that through our program our clients are able to benefit from a strong credit score the rest of their lives.

Our Offices

We have offices throughout Maryland and Washington DC.  Our program is setup to encourage our clients to come into the office and meet with their Credit Advisors every month.  It is this personal, consultative approach that our clients truly enjoy and appreciate.  This direct approach creates the real difference between Max Score Credit and other credit repair companies.  We are planning to open many more Max Score Credit branch offices in neighboring states soon.

We have also created a process to create this personal consultative approach with those outside of our local branch areas.  By using online meeting technology, which can include HD Video Conferencing, we can provide the same one-on-one experience for those people sitting in their home or offices.

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