Why should I enroll with Max Score Credit
We believe we offer the most comprehensive program to raise your credit score available anywhere. You will not find a team of professionals more dedicated to your success and personally involved in the process to get you there. We offer a consultative approach to help you repair and restore your credit. You will work one-on-one with a credit advisor who will set aside time each month to work with you personally. Unlike most credit repair companies where most of their program is focused on disputing negative items, our program is centered on positively impacting all 5 categories of the FICO Scoring Model. This means not only removing negative items, but also helping to add and manage open accounts.
How Do I Get Started?
Call or email our office and one of our Credit Advisor’s will schedule a phone appointment or online meeting with you. No matter where you are located we are able to help you!
What is the cost?
The price of our program is determined to some extent based upon your unique situation. Our prices however, are very affordable. There is no big upfront cost, and it cost nothing to get started with our program. Work is completed BEFORE you are charged and you can stop at any time. Our program is much more comprehensive then most internet based programs and for this reason it is important to gain a complete understanding of our process and the benefit, so you can accurately compare the value with the cost. Most internet based credit repair programs are so similar it is possible to simply look for the one with the lowest cost. Our approach and effectiveness is unique, and therefore needs explanation. Our initial consultation is absolutely free, so there is no risk to scheduling a call or online meeting with us.
What is included?
Our goal is to get our client’s credit report to 700 and greater. To achieve this goal we do two things. First, we aggressively challenge negative items on the credit report to ensure they are accurate and verifiable. Our custom written dispute letters are highly effective at getting negative items removed from the credit profile. Secondly, we meet with you monthly to discuss our credit repair progress, and help you add and manage your open accounts, which we call credit restoration. This comprehensive approach is designed to impact all 5 categories of the FICO Scoring Model. In this way we are able to cause a rapid and dramatic increase to the credit score.
I’m not local, can I still use and benefit from your service
Yes!  Regardless of where you are located you will still receive the full benefit of our service. We use online meeting technology to connect via the internet. You can still meet “face to face” through a video tel-conference.
When can I expect my credit to improve?
You will begin to see results after the first or second round. The credit bureaus must complete their investigation within 30 days. Because we dispute by correspondence (letter) only, our client’s experience higher deletion rates than companies that dispute online. On average our client’s see 20% to 30% of the negative items deleted from their credit reports after the first round. We also begin implementing credit restoration strategies immediately after the first round. Removing negative items, and effectively adding and managing open accounts, is how our client’s see faster than average increases to their credit score.
How do you get my credit report?
During the initial consultation, and should you decide to move forward with our program, we will set you up with a credit monitoring service. We will use this service to pull a credit report every month. In this way we can track your progress without causing an inquiry to your credit report and lowering your credit score. The credit monitoring service also provides identity theft protection.
How long does your program last?
There is not one answer to this question because everyone’s credit situation is different, and everyone’s objectives are different. Our stated goal is to get our client’s credit scores to 700 and greater. We believe this is achievable for everyone, the only question is how long it will take. During our initial consultation we will evaluate and assess your credit report, discuss your objectives, and provide solid estimates on the amount of time it will take to achieve your goals. Our website has dozens of video and audio testimonials, so you can see and hear our clients discuss their own success in their own words. Remember, however, every situation is different.
Is there a guarantee?
We can only make guarantees about what we will do. We cannot guarantee a specific result as far as your credit score. We also cannot guarantee that certain items will be removed. What we can guarantee is that we will:

  1. Vigorously dispute inaccurate, unknown, and unverified items on your credit report with the objective of getting these items deleted
  2. We will be available for an “End of Round” recap, which is a one-on-one phone call with you on a monthly basis to discuss your progress
  3. We will complete a forensic review of your credit report determining strengths and weaknesses according to the FICO Scoring Model. We will then develop a plan to help you accentuate the positive and eliminate or reduce the negative.
  4. Help you to add positive credit, if necessary. We have researched and identified a number of banks, creditors and vendors that specialize in giving those with challenged credit new accounts. We know where to go, when to go, and how to go, to help you establish the credit you need to increase your credit score.
  5. Assist you in managing your open accounts through counsel, coaching and application.
  6. Train you so that when you leave our program you are thoroughly knowledgeable on how to maintain your high credit score.
  7. That if you are not happy with our program you can receive a refund in accordance with our refund policy, and you can stop your program at any time without any further obligation
How can you get accounts deleted that are mine?
According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, for an account to remain on your credit report it must be 100% accurate and 100% verifiable or verified. Through our dispute process we initiate an investigation with the 3 Major Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). Once the investigation is started they have 30 days to complete the investigation. If anything on the account is not accurate or not verified, or if the investigation is not completed within 30 days, then the item will be removed from your credit report. So even if the account is your account and technically the event (collection, charge-off, judgments, etc.) did occur, there is still a possibility of getting it removed from your credit report.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 as updated in 1997 gave consumers the right to have an item repaired or removed that was inaccurate, obsolete or unverifiable

Can Items reappear after removed?
We see this from time to time but it is extremely rare. This can happen if the creditor updates the account. Most derogatory accounts are “closed”, and even if the balance is paid they don’t automatically update the account reflecting the payment, especially in the case of collections.

Credit bureaus are required to send you a letter notifying you that the account has been added. In the event that a credit bureau adds a deleted account by mistake, we will request that item be removed immediately according to the FCRA.

Is there a discount or benefit for enrolling my spouse or partner?
We offer discounts for couples!  Couple discounts are available for two people enrolling at the same time, who are related in some way.  This IS NOT restricted to married couples, but can be other types of relatives or relationships.  We offer couples a significant discount.