Aaron Geisbert

The reason why I sought out Max Score Credit was because I wanted to increase my credit score and purchase a house. I was with another company, I won't mention their names, but they charge 89 per month and normally come up first on google, and I got nothing from them. When I first came to Max Score Credit I had 55 items that were negative, and they have knocked off 25 so far.

Thomas C.

My realtor told us to come to Max Score Credit. We were trying to rent a house, but the realtor said with the help of Max Score Credit we might be able to buy a house. I was a little skeptical when we first signed up. Since enrolling in the program I have had 24 of 30 negative accounts removed. My credit score went up over 125 points.

Denise S.

I came to Max Score Credit because I wanted to improve my credit score and learn about credit and how to utilize credit. In the very first round I was very surprised because my score shot up tremendously. In the first round I had over 25 deletions.


The situation was that my credit was really, really bad. I had a bankruptcy and a foreclosure… and for a long time I was apprehensive and had a lot of trepidation regarding my credit. I decided to give Max Score Credit and chance, and to my surprise after only 6 rounds my credit score is at 770… I started at like 540, 550. They give you a really simple easy to follow program… it’s idiot proof…

Angel V.

I had years of bad credit and I wanted to get it changed. I took a chance and decided to come to Max Score Credit. The game plan here was serious, it was extensive and nothing to be played with. I was able to trust my coach. I’ve had more than 30 negative things deleted from my credit report and it’s jumped over 100 points.

Margaret and Daryl

We came to Max Score Credit in August of 2012, my scores were in the 400’s and low 5’s, and Darryls were in the high 5’s and upper 6’s, and we wanted to buy a house. I had over 90 negative items from bankruptcy to foreclosure and charge-offs and late payments, and Daryl had 70 on his. After 10 months of being in the program we are here in our new house thanks to Max Score Credit. We thank God for Max Score Credit.


I came to Max Score Credit because I was looking for a product that would help me increase my credit score. I found out about Max Score Credit from one of my residents. I am a leasing agent for an apartment complex. One of my tenants came in a year ago and was unable to be approved, but then she came in this year and was able to be approved with the minimum security deposit because of Max Score Credit.

Albert B

My credit score was in the 5’s. I’m currently now one month into the program and my score is up 294 points. My highest credit score now is a 736, which is excellent.

Joseph and Leonora

We wanted to improve our credit so we could one day buy a house, and a car… My friend told me about Max Score and we came up here on the regular. I had 53 negative items and they have already deleted 34 after only 2 rounds. I had a zero TranUnion score and now it is up to 700.

Ray L.

I was referred to Max Score Credit by a friend and went to a seminar. I had very poor credit with scores in the low 500’s. Since I have been with Max Score Credit for 30 days, my scores are just below a 700. I was able to open two accounts which I was never able to do in the past.